Hurghada Royal safari top 10 things to do in Hurghada

10 things to do in hurghada – Tourists Guide

Visiting Hurghada?  Is it your first time or you been here before?

Hurghada has some of the best sun and sand in the world. But the city has plenty more to discover than just laying on the beach all day of course, there’s nothing wrong with that either. From day excursions, to scuba diving, to shopping for spices, here are 10 fun things to do in Hurghada, Egypt.

This is the things you shouldn’t miss while in Hurghada.

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01-Explore the City:

No Matter you book a hotel, holiday package or flying solo, you should definitely go out on your own take a taxi and visit the city itself. From a place to another of many areas we can mention… Dahar, Sheraton Street, Touristic walk area or Marina boulevard, Hurghada is perfectly safe city for all nationalities to walk around and enjoy the Egyptian authentic atmosphere, hearing the Arabic conversation, or watching the different traditions in Egypt than your country. Hurghada as many tourists describe it as magical city got its own gravity for the love of thousands of visitors, they often describe it as their second home, some visitors feel safer and loved in Hurghada more than any other city in the world.

02-Sea Trips:

Of Course sea trips, that’s what Hurghada is all about! But what you probably don’t know that the city own a huge selection of different sea trip programs with tones of islands to visit, different types of boats to ride, it’s absolutely fantastic experience. Hurghada is surrounded by few huge islands the most famous one is Giftun Island the home land of Giftun beach, Mahmya, Paradise, Orange bay. As each of these locations has its own trip program there are also other snorkeling trips to different sits like the dolphin house trip or abu monkar island or fanous felfela shallow waters… so don’t just lay on the beach.. Take a boat and explore what hurghada’s sea is like.

03-Desert Safari:

Take it from the water to the mountains in adventure mood turned to the maximum to explore a series of the highest mountains of Egypt. Red Sea Mountains are the highest points in Egypt as it goes in certain areas up to 4,500 meters above water level. In Hurghada you can go on desert safari either by jeep or driving quad bikes to the heart of the mountain where you will take a rest in Bedouins camps where these travelers actually live all their life depending on the resources of the desert and little bit of supplies from the city. Over the years the travelling Bedouins on Red Sea decided to take part of entertaining the tourists visiting Hurghada by organizing a folklore shows, building small guest camps, raising rare reptiles, animals of the desert which you can watch it for real in its own environment in safe and preserved way.

quad bike safari Royal Safari Hurghada Excursions Egypt Excursions Red Sea Snorkel Giftun Island diving desert safari royal safari egypt excursion Fishing Sahara Park

04-Night Life in Hurghada:

The sun sets after a long day and now wondering what to do at night! Well you have plenty of options, you can kick start your evening at one of many bars in Hurghada with a spot of karaoke and Live Music or even casual European style sports bar. So many places more than I can mention….. We are not done yet thought! It’s getting late? Let’s take it up a notch and take a tour around most famous Night Clubs in Hurghada every night there’s something crazy going on in this city, from event to another, ladies night, swag nights, RnB, hip hop nights, or deep house music, You need to spend every night in different place to enjoy it really, visit Papas beach club, Little Buddha, Color Beach club, Hard Rock Hurghada, Elements, each of them have so much to give to you… the party starts at 11PM and doesn’t end till 4 in the morning.
I will stop you right there! If you are a night party person then you are in the right city because when the party stop in the club it’s time to move to the after party led by some of the best resident DJs in the city and we will recommend visiting Loca’s Pub or Samba club later after 04:00am to enjoy the party till sunrise. If you are into morning more that isn’t a problem either…. Hurghada have the best collection of Beach & Boat Parties Known by the name Wave Rave Boat & Beach Parties you shouldn’t miss these events.


05-Food & Beverage in Hurghada.

One thing you sure need to do as well is visiting some restaurants and café of the city. There’s literally hundreds of cuisines available to choose from, starting from fresh sea food restaurants like Star Fish or Al-Halaka fish restaurant, Oriental Egyptian food like beans & falafel or Koshary (Mix of pasta, Rice, tomato sauce, hummus, and others), traditional grills in Egypt are also unique like Kebab or roasted chicken, you can find them easily down town of Hurghada, Sheraton street or in Dahar.
That’s not all still, Hurghada have more restaurants owned by different European residents and there comes the lovely part of the city where you can find an English, German, Belgium, Dutch, Chinese restaurants, all of them presenting something special where it originally come from! So if you are German for example and you missing some German bread or special cuisine you will not be lost, ask around where you can find something like that! So as for me I will recommend Belin restaurant, Caribbean bar, Zeitlos restaurant or German bakery for the German dishes.

So what else you looking for? Maybe sushi…. So if you are a sushi lover you must visit Little Buddha sushi bar in the day or sesame sushi restaurant, otherwise you can visit Marina Boulevard the best location containing various restaurants and cafes with endless choices for your taste.

06-Shopping in Hurghada:

Who doesn’t love shopping? Everybody love shopping for different stuff, souvenirs, clothes, special products, cooking spices, holiday items, accessories,…. ! It’s tradition to buy something when you are abroad isn’t it right? But this time you are in Egypt. So shopping in Hurghada will be fun looking for the different market and options you have, visit Senzo mall for clothes shopping as a start, but let’s talk about souvenirs this is the biggest market you will find in Hurghada, you will probably find gift shops inside your hotel and much more in down town selling all kinds of presents and memorial souvenirs for your special trip in Hurghada, have a look around the city in different shops I’m certain you will take an item or 100 items.

07-Diving in Red Sea:

Hurghada is famous for diving and it is no surprise really when you consider that this popular holiday resort is on the edge of the Red Sea home for hundreds of thousands of different species of fishes, corals, sharks, dolphins, turtles and even species that you cannot describe. Mostly tourists are in love with dolphin encounter or sharks, who doesn’t really?
Diving centers in Hurghada offer you introduction to diving for beginners and professional diving for experts, diving courses, schools making Egypt on top of the list in interest for divers or diving seekers, for it’s warm weather most of the year and the treasures of the Red sea, crystal clear water, very sunny weather, very colorful corals and fishes are perfect combination for divers to enjoy that whole world underneath. We can keep describing how beautiful it really is but you will never understand that until you try it yourself, I would highly recommend.

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08-Visiting Luxor and Cairo:

Hurghada is the perfect base for day trips to other parts of Egypt specifically Cairo & Luxor. Doing this gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy sea and sand, whilst enjoying some the historical knowledge in the same time and opportunity to see the pyramids, sphinx, Citadel of Saladin and Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Luxor is also a fascinating City Holding position of 1/3 of the world history by itself, Luxor was the capital of ancient Egypt and the whole city is basically a big museum! You will not walk in any part of this city without finding a temple, tomb, museum, the Nile River itself diving the city into two halves look great.
Visiting Luxor on day trip will give you a blowing mind day trip with the amount of temples you will visit and the information and knowledge you will acquire.  The good part is, you don’t have to plan a whole different trip to Cairo or Luxor because from Hurghada you can book a day trip to either cities or you can book 3 days Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan in floating hotel ship. Choice is yours but you have to try it.

Cairo Royal Safari Hurghada Excursions Egypt Excursions Red Sea Snorkel Giftun Island diving desert safari royal safari egypt excursion Fishing Luxor
Cairo Royal Safari Hurghada Excursions Egypt Excursions Red Sea Snorkel Giftun Island diving desert safari royal safari egypt excursion Fishing Luxor

09-El Gouna:

Here comes the luxury part of your trip, La Gouna is artificial made town right at the edge of natural preserve of Red Sea reefs, the whole town is built on the concept of artificial lakes running between the houses and main areas giving you the water in depth. This luxurious town contains the fanciest property, hotels, and restaurants around the Red Sea area. El Gouna has its own life inside with everything including day activities, beaches, restaurants, and night clubs. We are posting couple of photos just to show you the meaning of El Gouna but you must visit it yourself, only 25 minutes north of Hurghada you will get a special experience.


10-Other Activities:

We wrote about the things to do on top of the list, but Hurghada have so much more to offer, Horse riding, Kite surfing, Wind surfing, Fishing competition, beach volley ball, photography in various locations, having good memories with photo sessions in the prettiest natural scenery areas, visiting natural preserves.
In the end, whether you do all of it or part of you will fall in love with Hurghada and it won’t be your last visit.

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